UPDATE: DAPA Injuction Remains in Place

  • The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals recently heard arguments in the case of State of Texas v. United States of America pertaining to the implementation of the Executive Actions issued by President Obama on November 20, 2014 (including DAPA).
  • The Court decided this week that President Obama’s program will remain on hold for now. The government will not accept applications while the case continues.
  • Arguments are scheduled for July at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and we expect a decision a few months later.
  • We, alongside many scholars and advocates, expect that the President’s program will move forward. This decision is a momentary setback and by no means is a final decision.
  • If the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals rules against the program, the Obama Administration will almost certainly appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • We remain confident that the President’s program will be allowed to move forward and that so many of our clients, such as yourself, will be offered the relief which is so needed.
  • If you know US citizens who are eligible to vote, you should recommend that they contact their Congress person and voice their concerns about immigration policy.

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See the court's decision here.