Important Issue for DACA grantees: International Travel on Advance Parole

If you have been granted DACA, you may have thought about traveling outside the US to visit a sick relative or to study abroad.  To leave the US and return, you must be approved for Advance Parole, which is permission to return to the US. 

There is a very significant benefit to traveling abroad and reentering the US on Advance Parole.  Once a person enters on Advance Parole, creating a lawful entry, the person could apply for permanent residency in the U.S. The applicant MUST also have an Immediate Relative (US citizen spouse, parent, or child over 21) to file a petition.  Having a lawful entry into the U.S. would eliminate the need to travel home and obtain an immigrant visa. 

However, you must carefully consider whether the Advance Parole document would be impacted by any decision taken by President Trump to end the DACA program.   

Before travelling on Advance Parole, it is very important to discuss the matter with an immigration attorney.