USCIS Releases Study App

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has released a new app called "USCIS: Civics Test Study Tools." The press release reads as follows: 

Our app, “USCIS: Civics Test Study Tools,” is now available on the iTunes and Google Play app stores. The app helps you prepare for the civics test during the naturalization interview. It also has a game to challenge your civics knowledge, reminder notifications, and review of past tests. You can also switch between English and Spanish.
Be sure you get our official app! Follow the links above or search for “USCIS" or "USCIS civics.” Then, check that USCIS is the developer.

Additional study materials for the English and Civics tests can be found for free at the USCIS website. You can also find a practice Civics test there.